WIN - ACE was established in 1994 to deal in automotive bodykits. We cater for a wide range of cars and have since become a specialist in this field.
We do nothing else but bodykits for cars, 4WD, MPVs SUV etc.
In August 2000, we created a NEW material called PU - FIBRE, which is flexible and impact resistant. It was an INSTANT HIT and a GREAT SUCCESS with our customers. PU - FIBRE has since estavlisehed itself as the better material for bodykits.
IN 2004, we are introducing a NEW technique in bodykit fabrication called Moulded Edge Technology ie M.E.T. This technique allows us to paint the bodykit first then fit to vechicle with 100% accuracy. All mounting points are hidden or covered up therefore NO more unsightly and ugly rivets or screws to putty up.
M.E.T. products are PROFESSIONALLY finished and looks 100% ORIGINAL factory fitting.